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Invited Celebrity Guests

Sports and Entertainment Stars and Business Leaders


Invited Celebrity Guests

In an effort to support our deserving charity organizations, we have engaged some of the most successful names in the entertainment, sports and business community to attend the Phil Oates Celebrtiy Golf Classic.

phil oates and Smokey.JPG

Alex English
Alphonso Ribeiro
Anthony Anderson
Barry Bonds
Bobby Jackson
Brad Miller
Carmichael Dave
Cedric Kyles
Chris Hale 
Christian Okoye 
Chuck Liddell
Dave Justice
Debbie Dunning 
Derek Fisher
Doug Christie
Eric Dickerson
Gary Gerould
Grant Fuhr
Greg Vaughn 
Harold Pressley
Jason Schiff

Jeff Farley
Jeffrey Osborne
Jerry Rice
Jerry Royster
Jim Les
Jim Plunkett 
John O'Hurley
Julius Erving
Kenny Thomas
Kevin Lucas
Kevin Rahm 
Kyle Draper
Lisa Gonzales
Marcus Allen
Mark Hughes
Mayia Tanaka
Mike Merriweather
Mike Phillips 
Mike Woodson
Misha Tanaka
Norm Nixon 

phil oates and anthony anderson

Otis Amey
Ozzie Smith
Rick Ravanello
Ronnie Lott
Ryan Winther

Sara Winter

Scott Moak

Scott Pruett
Steve Garvey 
Tisha Alyn
Vida Blue 
Willie Gault

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